805, 2020

What will my celebrant-led Lake District wedding ceremony Order of Service look like?

Every couples celebrant-led personal, memorable, Lake District wedding ceremony will be different and will give you the opportunity to include your own individual requirements which reflect your own personalities.  You can have your dream celebrant-led Lake District wedding your way.  You can decide who you want to include in your personal, memorable ceremony.  For example, […]

805, 2020

The Process of a Civil Marriage and a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

The Process of a Civil Marriage and a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony
Many couples ask about the difference between a ‘Marriage’ and, a Wedding Ceremony’, when making their initial inquiry about a celebrant-led celebration,  so here are some guidelines on the process and costs.

So, differences between a:-

‘legal marriage’ and a ‘wedding ceremony’

                                                                                                                                     photo by unsplash

The ‘marriage’ is the […]