Every couples celebrant-led personal, memorable, Lake District wedding ceremony will be different and will give you the opportunity to include your own individual requirements which reflect your own personalities.  You can have your dream celebrant-led Lake District wedding your way.  You can decide who you want to include in your personal, memorable ceremony.  For example, you may want to include family members in your ceremony or include tributes by your special friends.  The choice is yours.

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Couples often ask me to give them an example Order of Service for their Lake District wedding ceremony and an example standard Order of Ceremony is given below.  The vows being the centre of most wedding ceremonies.

Processional The bride and wedding party enter the ceremony room or ceremony area, usually with accompanying music.  In many cases, the bride will enter with her father or another designated family member or close friend – it is your choice.  In many cases the bride and party will progress down an aisle, in other examples, the bride and groom may make their way through their guests.  As always, the choice is yours.  The congregation may be seated before the brides entrance is announced though will usually stand for the bride’s entrance. 

Opening remarks The celebrant announces that everyone is there to celebrate the wedding of the couple.  If the couple have requested a religious blessing, the celebrant can offer a blessing to the congregation.

The ‘ Giving away’  – The ‘Giving away’ of the bride by her family to the grooms family comes from ancient times but many couples still have this element included in their ceremony.  If you want to ask for your parents of friends to ‘support you’ in your marriage or if you opt for the tradition of the bride’s father giving you away, this is the stage when that usually happens.  This is also the time for your celebrant to acknowledge the importance of the presence of your friends and family.

Statement of purpose – At this stage your celebrant will ask you to acknowledge that you are prepared and willing to make your commitments to each other and to announce to the gathered congregation that you are about to make your vows to each other.

Exchange of vows or promises.  These are the personal words you decide on that you will say to each other.  Will you, for example, promise to love each other as long as you both shall live!  As the vows are the centre of most wedding ceremonies, you will want to spend some time to consider either individually or, as a couple,  what you want to promise to each other.  Your celebrant can help you with this.  If you want some ideas to help you with this, have a look at my blog ‘How to write your own wedding vows for your Lake District wedding.’ 

Readings and Rituals.  Many couples incorporate readings, poems, tributes from friends or family into their ceremony.  These, as well as additional music selections, may be incorporated throughout the service.  Speak to your celebrant and work out the order together of what you want to include and where in the ceremony is most appropriate to include it. It is a nice way of including those people in your life, both family and friends who have been particularly significant in your life or who you wish to acknowledge on this day.  Some couples may also include rituals which have special significance to them in their ceremony.  If you want some examples of rituals such as the Unity Candle ceremony that are sometimes included in ceremonies, take a look at my blog ‘ The Loving Cup to Jumping the Broom –  incorporating symbolic rituals into your Lake District Wedding Ceremony’


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Presentation/blessing/exchange of rings.  This is the part where you give each other your wedding rings and where, if you wish,  your celebrant may bless them. There is a ring-warming ceremony that some couples choose to incorporate into their service at this stage.

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Blessing/Closing remarks – Your celebrant will present you as Mr & Mrs …  You then share your first kiss following your ceremony, your gathered friends and family are certain to applaud, and generally your recessional (end of) ceremony music begins.

Ending of ceremony – You leave your wedding ceremony setting as a couple to relax and enjoy the rest of the festivities now that this formal part of your Lake District wedding ceremony is ended.