A Naming Ceremony celebrates the importance of a baby or child to family and friends taking part in the celebration.  This guide will help you personalise your naming ceremony by including rituals or special actions to include in this wonderful ceremony.

What is a personalised naming ceremony

A personalised naming ceremony can be exactly what you want it to be.  Every naming ceremony is individual and because you are creating it with your own personal touches, it really will be your unique ceremony.

Here are 5 Special ways to personalise your Naming Ceremony

  1. Time capsule

Creating a Time capsule is a great way to personalise your naming ceremony and involve all your guests.  Each one can bring something personal to include in the capsule – it can be ‘buried’ … somewhere in your home at the end of the ceremony, or later if the ceremony is not at home.

Ideas to include in your time capsule

  • Photo of the naming ceremony
  • A list of popular music of today
  • Photos of guests with messages on the back or handwritten messages from guests
  • Some naming ceremony cards from your guests
  • A copy of the Celebrants ceremony script
  • A signed copy of the naming ceremony certificate
  • Photos and news items on a media device
  • A Gift Card promising a gift or travel ticket to be redeemed on the child’s 18th birthday
  • Anything else which is relevant to you
  1. Pebble wishes

Invite your guests to write a word on a pebble to show what they wish for the child e.g happy, love, grace, healthy.  The pebbles are put in a bag or box which the child keeps and take comfort from if ever they need to.  This keepsake can stay with the child through the various stages of their life and into their own first home as a symbol of continuing life and strength.

  1. Finger or hand print ceremony

An artistic guest can draw a tree with branches on a large piece of paper or card – everyone present inks their finger using an inkpad (you could use different colours) and adds a fingerprint to the tree making the leaves which could be initialled to have a record of everyone who attended your personalised naming ceremony. This takes a while so before or after the ceremony would be appropriate especially if you have a lot of people attending.

Or, a variation on this would be to use a plain tablecloth or a smaller piece of material and ask guests to put their handprint around the edges And initial the handprint.  Again, this provides a record of all who attended the personalised naming ceremony and you will be able to use the tablecloth.. when dry! … as a remnder of your special day, or you could frame it and display it on a wall.

  1. Including seeds, flowers, bulbs, herbs or trees in your personalised naming ceremony revisar
  • Give guests some seeds and, when asked each can be called on to pour their seeds into a bowl where the seeds are mixed together and planted in a garden as a lasting reminder showing that lots of people are involved in nurturing the child. Herbs could be planted instead of seeds.
  • Guests bring or are given bulbs which are planted in a trough to signify nurturing and growth.
  • A tree-planting ceremony could be held and earth, plant food and water added to show endurance, nurturing and growth.
  • A fruit tree is planted and templates made in the fruit-shaped card (e.g. apples or plums). Each guest writes a message or wish for the child on the card and ties it to the tree.  Afterwards, the messages can be kept by the family.

  1. Have a guest book

Buy a guest book and write your hopes for the child’s future in the front.  Ask friends and family to add their own personal messages.  Alternatively, at the start of your personalised naming ceremony have a strong box with your child’s name and ceremony date painted on, provide pebbles or flat wooden shapes for guest to write on and put their personal signed messages for the child’s future into.

Other popular ways to personalise your naming ceremony

Here are three other popular ways of personalising your naming ceremony

  • Light a naming day candle

Display a lit candle at the start of the ceremony to signify the light the child is bringing into the family.  If outside, place the candle inside a vase or glass vessel.

  • Sand ceremony

Each family member has a small bottle of different coloured sand (these can be bought on the internet) and symbolically pours theirs into a bigger glass vessel which symbolises the different people surrounding the baby or child with their love and support.

  • Handfasting

The family is handfasted together or, for a modern twist, have a teddy representing each family member and tie these together with ribbons.  The teddies can be framed and displayed as a permanent reminder of your personalised naming ceremony day.

These are just a few ideas of how to personalise a naming ceremony, the choice is yours or design your own personal ritual which is personal and meaningful to you.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Contact me to discuss your own individual naming ceremony.