Val Marshall of Lake District based Lakesceremonies added her Celebrant skills to this styled shoot at Park House Farm- a unique barn and events venue located at Faversham, near Milnethorpe in the Lake District for this Lake District Wedding shoot.

A fine day for the wedding shoot in late summer if a little windy outside but that did not curtail any of the photography which all went ahead to plan.  Park House Barn is a working farm, which makes it a perfect secluded venue for a wedding.  Set in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside and offering amazing views of the Kent estuary.

Feathers, macrame or wood and vintage props were all used to create a vintage, glamorous style adding in elements such as silk flowers, grasses and foliage.

Val Marshall, Lake District Celebrant of Lakesceremonies conducted the wedding ceremony at this wedding styled shoot which included:-

Reading the Vows– Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies are all about bespoke ceremony and creating a ceremony for the two individuals and Val had drafted some meaningful and romantic vows for the bride and groom for this Lake District Wedding ceremony styled shoot.

Tying the Infinity Knot – Val introduced Monique and Nathan our model couple during the wedding ceremony to this popular ritual of Celebrant-Led wedding ceremonies.  The hand ties were created in the colour theme of the styled shoot – white, pink and silver.  Handfasting is an ancient wedding tradition that has come to be interpreted literally, as the symbolic act of ‘tying the knot.’

Preparing the Infinity Knot ritual


Handfasting  –  During the wedding ceremony a Handfasting was carried out.  This includes wrapping cords, ribbons, or cloth around the couples clasped hands.    Handfasting is an ancient wedding tradition that has come to be interpreted literally, as the symbolic act of ‘tying the knot.’  Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolise the building of two lives.

Wedding Traditions and where they come from- Val of Lakesceremonies was asked whether the bride stood on the right or left side of the groom and did it matter.  Val explained that the bride always stands on the grooms left at the alter which comes from older times and the days of capture when the groom had to have his fighting hand free for his sword in case someone were to try and snatch his bride at the alter.

Val Marshall, Lakesceremonies Independent Wedding Celebrant explaining to other suppliers and guests of the shoot some wedding traditions and rituals and where they come from.


Val also explained why brides carry bouquets … and it’s not what you would think!  This comes once again from older times when people had an annual, yes an annual bath in May!  June was the most popular month for weddings as it was not long after the bath and people still smelt ok – to disguise any odour, brides took to wearing a nosegay round their necks – a small bunch of sweet scented flowers or they might have contained strong smelling herbs to mask any unpleasant smell.


Photography and videography was by Velvet Cow and the shoot was arranged by Freerangefloristry.    A huge thank you to the Cumbrian and Lancashire suppliers who contributed to this awesome day and are listed below, Frankie,  Park House Farm Wedding planner and Monique and Nathan who agreed to model for us.



@lakesceremonies – Wedding Celebrant

@velvet_cow Photographer and Videographer

@park_house_barn- Venue

@freerangefloristry – Flowers ad Organiser

@a_model_couple – Model Couple

@typicalitypeuk Lighting, tables and chairs


@lovelylending Styling Props

@bohemian_weddings and events Macrame

@receccahodds_tropic- MUA

@loveand hairbridal Make up

@frankiesbakeryuk – Wedding Cake

@a_family_affair_kendal Dress and suit

@desertdiamondscumbria Jewellery

@cstlecrockery Crockery and glassware

@pawfectoccasions Dog wedding chaperone

@bouscandles Favours and personalised candles

@weddingswithwinston Vehicle

@_melrose_designs Personalised wedding stationary

Are you planning a wedding in 2021 or 2022 and looking to plan your unique, bespoke, personal, memorable The Lake District and Cumbria Wedding Ceremony.  If so, contact me and we can plan and create your dream ceremony:-


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