1101, 2021

‘ From the Loving Cup to Jumping the Broom’ – incorporating symbolic rituals into your Lake District Wedding Ceremony.

Wedding rituals are tried and true symbols of the joining of two people in marriage.  They are the ways that the people present at your wedding, and also everyone else who follows the same traditions and shares the same beliefs – recognises the importance of the step that the couple is taking.  They are also […]

805, 2020

What will my celebrant-led Lake District wedding ceremony Order of Service look like?

Every couples celebrant-led personal, memorable, Lake District wedding ceremony will be different and will give you the opportunity to include your own individual requirements which reflect your own personalities.  You can have your dream celebrant-led Lake District wedding your way.  You can decide who you want to include in your personal, memorable ceremony.  For example, […]

805, 2020

The Process of a Civil Marriage and a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

The Process of a Civil Marriage and a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony
Many couples ask about the difference between a ‘Marriage’ and, a Wedding Ceremony’, when making their initial inquiry about a celebrant-led celebration,  so here are some guidelines on the process and costs.

So, differences between a:-

‘legal marriage’ and a ‘wedding ceremony’

                                                                                                                                     photo by unsplash

The ‘marriage’ is the […]

1504, 2020

You can’t have the funeral you want? – Is a memorial or celebration of life service the answer?

We are living in strange and unsettled times and what we thought was normal just isn’t anymore as in the case of funerals.  As a human race the singular need is to be together and this need is even more important at those moments in life when we stop to remember a milestone – such […]

1504, 2020

What is a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is an opportunity for a couple to renew their vows that they made to each other when they first got married, either your original ones or an updated version. It isn’t meant to be a second wedding – more a way to celebrate a love that has deepened or matured […]

1504, 2020

What is a naming ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is an event at which a person is officially assigned a name.  This is in addition  to registering a birth and is undertaken at a separate time.  Simply put, a Naming Ceremony is a symbolic celebration that requires no licences and has no legalities.

When does a naming ceremony take place?

When the naming […]

1504, 2020

How to have a bi-lingual wedding in the Lake District

Are you a bi-lingual couple looking to arrange a bi-lingual wedding ceremony in the Lake District?  It may be that you are bi-lingual but not all of your guests are so having a bi-lingual ceremony for your Lake District Wedding will be a beautiful way to allow everyone to share you special moments. Your wedding […]

1504, 2020

Wedding Ceremony Traditions & The Story Behind Them

So you’ve planned your wedding and you are going to include some popular rituals in your ceremony, but how much do you know about wedding traditions and rituals and where they’ve come from?

A lot of things happen before, during and after the wedding ceremony which couples incorporate into their celebration, sometimes because they are thought […]

1504, 2020

How to write your own wedding vows for your Lake District Wedding.

You’re planning your wedding here in the Lake District and lots of time and thought is being spent on planning the reception, the guest list, the colour theme and a myriad of other things but what about your vows?  After all, a wedding ceremony is ultimately about making a public promise to one another.  Your […]

1504, 2020

Special ways to mark your cancelled wedding day

You’ve worked tirelessly to plan the day you wanted, booked the venue, photographer, the florist, your officiant, transport, and all of the other right suppliers which express you and your love for each other.  The anticipation and excitement at the impending arrival of your dream day is mounting …

Then came the almost unbelievable announcement that […]