Funerals and Memorials

To commemorate the life of a loved one, there are now more options than traditional religious services.  Today, some families prefer a more personal approach which doesn’t always involve a specific faith.  A celebrant led funeral is an alternative and can take place wherever you like although very often it takes place at a crematorium, by a cemetery graveside, is a designated natural woodland area or other location that meant something special to your loved one.  The funeral or the death of a loved one is a chance to celebrate their life as well as an opportunity to share our memories of them, to remember them and offer comfort and support so we need to get it right for our loved one.

As an independent celebrant I can conduct a service which is non-religious in accordance with your wishes, but with some funerals, the family ask that religious or spiritual aspects are included in their ceremonies and I can help and guide you on this in line with your wishes.

Getting in touch

You can either contact me directly or ask your funeral director to contact me on your behalf.  I will then arrange time to meet with you, find out your wishes and guide and support you.

I will then, with your help, write a bespoke, personalised funeral ceremony especially for your loved one.  The funeral ceremony will be written to really reflect your loved ones life and I will use my skills and experience to write an original script for you which sensitively meets your needs.  You will have the freedom for the ceremony to have the content you choose and that you are happy with.  This could include a theme, readings, poems or other personal choices.  You can also include religious, spiritual or faith based content if you wish.  This creates an original, personal and unique ceremony that is memorable for you, your family and friends.


Cremation- £175.00 – £200

Get in touch for the following :-

  • Service followed by burial
  • Graveside only service
  • Other location service followed by Direct Cremation
  • Memorial Service
  • Marriage & Civil Partnerships

  • Naming Ceremonies

  • Other Ceremonies

  • Funerals