Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of a child or children, or to officially name them.  It is a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the birth of your child and to welcome them into the family and wider community.  Naming ceremonies can also be the opportunity to celebrate adoptive children or step children being part of a new family. A naming ceremony to celebrate a new life can also include step children or adopted children and share with family your hopes and wishes for your child’s future and their future within your family.

As a celebrant, I can plan with you the perfect ceremony that is personal for you and your family.  This will involve naming your child and involve the parents and any other relevant family members giving promises and commitments to your child.  It may include sibling involvement in the ceremony.

Today, many parents want to celebrate the birth of their child but not with a christening, maybe because they have no religion or maybe the parents are from different faiths.  Naming ceremonies give you the opportunity to blend your own spiritual and cultural beliefs to show your feelings for your child as well as your hopes for their future.

There are no restrictions on where a naming ceremony can be held – it will be at a place of your choosing and normally not in a church building.  You have no restrictions, unlike a religious ceremony and you can also appoint supporting adults/ Guideparents who will be significant and ask them to make commitments during the ceremony  You may also want to acknowledge to your family and friends at the service, the role that grandparents or siblings will play.

During the ceremony, as parents, you may want to say some things to your child – for example to deliver promises or share the hopes and aspirations or read a relevant poem.  Those who you have appointed to guide your child may want to say some words about how they see their role and make promises to guide and support your child.  As a celebrant, if you wish I can help you by suggesting readings and helping you to write the promises and hopes for your child that you wish to share with your family and friends.

Costs – Snowdrop £200 – £250 – Where I will talk with you about welcoming into the family of the child, and I will help you to put this together to become a beautiful, meaningful day for all of you, your families and friends. Input and participation of family and friends may be included in the service.

Crocus £250 – £350+ A more extensive and lengthier ceremony which may for example include, in addition to the above, welcoming other siblings into the family or the inclusion of Godparents, Guideparents or responsible adults.

For all services, a hardcopy folder of the content of all the service is provided for the family.

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